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NYC sign dude

Brenna plays Uno

Use proctorio or draw 25. Brenna draws 25.

The Makerspace is Fun

A cat chases a robot. Text reads: when you realize how fun the makerspace is

Niche library jokes

The world: library searching Astronaut one: “wait, it’s iterative?” Astronaut two: “always has been”

Evaluating Bernie

Bernie Sanders: “I am once again asking you to evaluate your sources”

Meme Workshops

person explaining reads “me explaining the meme workshops” and the person looking worried reads “the other librarians”

a dj clapping and pumping his fists

Go go go!

I quickly made this sample off a YouTube video for the workshop as a demo.


A man sits at a table with a sign in front of him that says “Memes are scholarship. Change my mind.”

The technology is flawless

When your livelihood and mental well-being depends on the functioning of complex technology that is used by thousands of diverse users.


Thankful that Brenna is making memes all scholarly and stuff.